Summary of the Results Obtained in the Scientific Investigation of Crimes of Domestic Violence (Part I)



This scientific article is devoted to some legal-criminal issues synthesized and analyzed in the scientific research of the criminal acts of domestic violence provided for in art.2011 Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova. Considering the recent conceptual changes that the incriminating framework of domestic violence has undergone, the author intervened with new interpretations of some legal categories that need to be analyzed. The research was carried out based on the author's own empirical data obtained from the analysis of judicial practice in this field, as well as based on the most recent doctrinal sources both in the field of criminal law and other sciences (criminology, psychology, sociology, pedagogy). As a result of the study, conclusions and interpretations were formulated that can be used in the science of criminal law, as well as in the practice of application of the legal-criminal norm on domestic violence (Article 2011 Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova).


family violence; family solidarity; family security; inhuman treatment; bullying; family abuse

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